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Here I will have pictures of Enemies, along with a description.


Flemoidius Commonus: The most common of the Flemoids. He'll spray slime from his nose. He's rather slow, and weak though.


Flemoidius Bipedicus: These Flemoids are bipeds, and are more dangerous as a result. They can slime you with their nose AND arms, so watch it! They're a little tougher than Commonus, but are still no match one-on-one.


Flemoidius Bipedicus with Armor: These Bipeddici are the elite version of the Bipedicus. They have earned the right to wear the few armored suits the Flemoids could make with the limited amount of Intergalactic Federation of Cereals' metal they could scrounge up. They have also learned to throw balls of slime from their arms at long distances. These guys are much tougher than their unarmored cousins, so haul out something better than a small zorcher.


These are Flemoid Larvae, before their internal eggs hatch. Like the Cycloptis, they are very quick, tough, strong, and annoying. Again, avoid groups.[In reality, all this enemy is is a graphical replacement for the Cycloptis in CQ2.]


Flemoidius Maximus: Here he is. The oversized booger that masterminded the invasion of your home planet. This massive, immobile, lump of slime is the most powerful Flemoid yet discovered by Federation Intelligence. He can fire massive slimeballs as big as you head! He is usually not alone, being surrounded by many advisors and bodyguards. Bring much ammo with you, or you will become his breakfast tomorrow!


Flemoidius Cycloptis: These floating, armored, Flemoids can be a pain. They're quick, armored, strong, and tough. You'll need something fast to get them! Watch out for groups, they can be deadly!


Flemoidius Quadrumpus: These Flemoids seem to have been bred for one combat role; that of heavy support. They have four short, stubby arms that together, can fire a powerful slimeball that can seriously endanger you. You'll need something more powerful than a small zorcher to get this guy! [In reality, this enemy is merely a graphical replacement for the Bipedicus with Armor in CQ2. It's stats are the exact same.]


The Flembrane: This is it. This massive, living wall of Flemiodius Slime is all that stands between you and the missing scientists of the Bazoik Outpost. His strengths, weaknesses, or even what he looks like is unknown to Federation Intelligence. You may well have to find a way to zorch this thing back as well to rescue the scientists!