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Cheats and Command Line Paramaters

Need some help getting past that group of Bipedici? Or do you want to get to the Flembrane without having to play all the other levels? Perhaps you want some screenshots? Here's the page for you!

Here I'll list the original cheats along with their DooM counterparts. So if you play Chex Quest using a DooM source port, [such as DooM 95 or DooM legacy,] you can cheat. Though a real Chexwarrior wouldn't need cheats....
I've also included the DOS paramaters as found on Chexmania. Please note that they are the same as DooM's, so there is no need to fret about not being able to use these with a DooM source port.

Here are the Cheat Codes. I'll list their effect, their Chex Quest version, then their DooM counterpart.

Invincible Mode: davidbrus ; iddqd
All Zorchers and Full Ammo: mikekoenigs ; idfa
All Zorchers, Full Ammo, and Keys: scottholman ; idkfa
Partial Invisibility [Time Limited]: marybregi ; idbeholdi
No Clipping Mode [aka, Walk through walls]: charlesjacobi ; idspispopd
Temporary Invunribility: andrewbenson ; idbeholdv
Level Skip: leesnyder1& ; idclev$# [Note: # indicates you must type a number between 1 and 9.& indicates you must type a number between 1 and 5. $ indicates you must type a number between 1 and 4.]
Slime Protection Suit: allen ; idbeholdr
All Map[type once for all the map, type again for enemy positions. Must type while in map mode{hit TAB}]: digitalcafe ; iddt
Beserk Mode [powerful spoon and go to 100% health]: deanhyers ; idbeholds
Super Bootspork: joelkoenigs ; idchoppers
Select Music: idmus## [Same code for both{ the # signs indicate a number between 0 and 9. So enter a number between 01 and 35. Type carefully! If you enter an invalid number, like 93, the game will crash.]
Remove Shadows: joshuastorms ; idbeholdl

Section List

This is a little Table of Content for the Cheats page. Below is a section index.
Section 1: Cheat Codes
Section 2: DOS Paramaters

Chex Quest DOS Paramaters

To use most of these parameters, go to dos and start CQ  by typing:

"chex -devparm <parameter> <more parameters>". If the "-devparm" parameter

is not needed, the parameter will be marked with a plus (+). Most of these

parameters can be mixed and matched to create different effects. Lastly,

typing F1 during development mode will allow a 256 color screen capture in

PCX format.

@<filename> Used to read in a command line parm file

-avg Ends the game after 20 minutes

-comdev Internal development, texture mapping

-config <file name> + Reads an alternate configuration file

-debugfile <parameter> Dumps debugging info to debug<parm>.txt

-devparm Puts you in developers mode

-GUS Uses the original GUS instrument mapping

-GUS1 Uses the new GUS instrument mapping (default)

-fast +++ Super slimy mode without flemoids coming back

-file <name w/ .WAD> + Allows usage of an external PWAD file

-loadgame <game number> + Starts from a saved game (0-5)

-maxdemo + Specifies the maximum size of a LMP recording

-nojoy Does not use the joystick

-nomonsters + +++ Starts the game without flemoids

-nomouse Does not use the mouse

-nomusic Does not play background music

-nosfx No sound effects

-nosound No sound at all

-opl3 Enables the stereo music through OPL-3 on PAS16

-phase Enables phase shifting on PAS16

-playdemo <name w/o .LMP> #+ Plays back a recorded demo

-record <name w/o .LMP> + Makes a demo recording until you finish or die

-recordfrom <0-5> <demo name>+ Records a demo from a saved game

-regdev Internal development, texture mapping

-respawn + Causes flemoids to warp back in non-Super Slimy modes

-shdev Internal development, texture mapping

-skill <skill level> + Starts on skill level (1-5)

-timedemo <name w/o .LMP> # Calculates the number of times the screen is

redrawn when playing a demo

-turbo <speed 1-255> Increases the speed of Chex Warrior

-warp 1 <level> Warps to level (1-5)

+: Does not require the "-DEVPARM" parameter.

+++: Must be used in conjunction with the "-WARP" parameter

#: For the "-playdemo" and "-timedemo" options, if you give an LMP file name

of "demo#" (i.e. "demo3"), then that internal demo will be played if the

external LMP file is not found. For example, to play the internal Chex Quest demo, type "chex -playdemo demo2".

Additionally, when using "-timedemo," the game will give you two

numbers after you quit to DOS, GAMETICS and REALTICS. To determine

the Chex Quest frame rate use the formula (GAMETICS/REALTICS) * 35.