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Weapons and Items

Descriptions of all your pickups!


Water. It's the least effective health item in the game. It only boosts your health by 1%, but it can raise it up over 100%.


Fruits. These things are pretty good for you. When eaten, they add 10% to your health, but can't raise it above 100%.


Vegetables. Everyone is always telling you to eat your veggies! In this case, they'll boost you up by 15%, but won't take you above 100%.


The SuperCharge Breakfast! A fully balanced meal all in one powerup! Eating this boosts you up to 200% Health, and you can't get higher than that!


Slime-Repellent. The least effective armor power up. It raises your armor by 1%, but can boost it up above 100%.


Chex(R) Armor. This stuff is made of tough, fiborious material. It gives you 100% protection the instant you put it on, but won't go beyond 100%.


Super Chex(R) Armor. This stuff is twice as tough as Chex(R) Armor. It immediatly boosts your armor value up to 200%, and nothing can make your armor value go above that mark!


Slime-Proof Suit. This thing allows you to walk through slime without getting slimed up. It won't protect against Flemoids, but it's better than nothing! It only lasts a limited time though...


The Large Zorcher. This thing is powerful, but short ranged. If you shoot close enough, you may be able to get two flemoids with one shot! It's power does have a drawback, though. It's power means you have to replace the clip after each shot! This can take a second or two, which are vital in this game....


The Zorch Propulsor. This thing is powerful. It can fire small zorch "Probes" that open small zorch "Gateways" which nab all Flemoids in a small area. The weapon rarely has much ammo when you find it, and if fired too close, flemoidious slime can come out of the gateways and attatch to you!


The LAZ Device. This is the most powerful weapon in the entire game! Like the Zorch Propulsor, it fires probes that open gateways, but these probes are larger and can nab all the flemoids in an entire room! It uses the same ammunition as the Phasing Zorcher, and it eats ammo even faster. It takes 40 (!) ammo points for a single shot! It does, however, fire much slower than the Phasing Zorcher.


The Rapid Zorcher. This thing is a superfast mini zorcher. It uses Mini Zorcher batteries, and while weak, it can deal immense damage after a few seconds. Be careful with it's use, though. It's rapid firing means that it can run through ammo quite quickly!


The Phasing Zorcher. This thing fires a steady stream of spherical zorch energy very rapidly. It's not that powerful, but it's rate of fire more than makes up for that. Be careful, though, as when the energy hits something it 'splats', obscuring vision. The weapon also has a tenacy to run out of ammunition quickly, so use it sparingly.


The Super Bootspork. Once you find this, it replaces your Bootspoon. This is a motorized spork, which spins.... ok...... Anyway, it's an effective weapon, that has unlimited ammunition. I wouldn't reccomend you use it unless you have to, because it only works at point-blank range.

There's the Items for you.