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Related Links

Here are some links to Chex Quest fansites. The Ultimate Chex Quest site, maintained by Richie Brown, has a forum that is quite active. I'm on there, as Loremaster. Stop on by, and chat a bit about Chex Quest!

The Ultimate Chex Quest Website

The old Chex Quest Mania website. It's still up, but not updated anymore.

Boingo's Ultimate Chex Quest project. If you have Ultimate DooM, and DooM Legacy, download the wad! It's excellent!

Dark Light Entertainment. Froghawk is the manager, and he's also working on Chex Quest 2D

Chex Quest Central.

Return to Bazoik official site. Not much yet, but the designer is pretty good about getting things done, so give him time.

This isn't exactly a Chex Quest link, but it is related. This is my buddy's and my DooM Clan Site. The DooM Rebellion. We play muliplayer with DooM legacy, and will sometimes play Chex Quest multiplayer. Come on by!

MJJ Software. They are the creators of Chex Quest Windows. Check them out, as they were kind enough to let us know about their project!