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Looking backward...

History of Chex Quest

In 1996, Ralston Foods[the then-owners of Chex Cereal] contacted Digital Cafe Software with the intent of creating a computer game that could be distributed with cereal. It had to be non-violent, visually appealing, and above all, slightly educational. Thus was born Chex Quest. It is, in all truth, merely a DooM Total conversion.
The object of the original game was to rescue the researchers of the Bazoik Nutritional Research and Development Facility. Once you complete your mission, the game tells you to go to [now defunct. Though it still exists, it no longer has anything to do with Chex Quest.] and get the sequal. Though little more than an add-on [for it requires the original CQ to be installed to work], this included a new adventure [to save your home planet {which is as of yet un-named. We're trying to come up with a name,}], and new enemy graphics [no true 'new' enemies. All they have are new graphics for old enemies.]. Later on, a group called Chex Quest Inc. created a fan-made Chex Quest 3, with all the enemies from 1, new sounds, and a new storyline [as of yet unknown]. It has recently been discovered that this is not truely an original game, but a compilation of various DooM Conversion resources. Not even the levels were original. 
Many fan-made games were made. Chex Quest 4, which was a click-shooter, Chex Quest Fighting, which was a fighting game, and Return of the Chex Warrior, which was a side-scroller.

Current Chex Quest Projects

Contrary to popular belief, Chex Quest is not dead. There are still fan-made games being produced based upon it. I will describe the ones I know about here.
First up is The Ultimate Chex Quest, by Boingo the Clown. A veteran DooM modder, he has taken Chex Quest 1 and 2, and has combined them into a single file. He will also be beautifying the current levels, as well as making new ones. He will accept submissions, and I myself are woking on some maps for TUCQ. He's now into Phase 2, which has beautified the existing levels by quite a bit, and is looking for level submission. See the Forum for more details.
Return to Bazoik: The Mission Continues to Continue is cancelled.
Yet another new Chex Quest project. Dorfsquest is making a game called "Flemoid Uprising". It will be a top-down stealth oriented game. The premise isn't ironed out yet, so I don't know much. Dorfsquest is one of the better Gamemaker programmers out there[Yes. Programmer.], so it looks very promising. NEW: This Project's Status is Unknown. I will try to contact Dorfsquest concerning this project ASAP.
Finally! A finished project! Dvader0086 has created a Chex Quest Virtual Flemoid Pet for the Computer. He's sent it to me and allowed me to post it up on the website. Go check it out, it's quite fun.
For those of you that want a Chex Quest for Windows, but hate DooM95 or DooM Legacy, the answer has come at last! Brendan of MJJ Software has created Chex Quest Windows, which is the original CQ with ZDOOM as the launcher of choice. Give it a try, and check out his site in the links section!