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New Chex Quest Missions

Bored of the Original? No problem! All you need is this site for new missions!

These are new Chex Quest levels I or others have worked on. So far, though, the only wad I have is a Beta I've been working on. It has the original 5 CQ missions, and a couple new missions. Level 7 is not yet complete. Let me know what you think of it!

The New Chex Quest Extended 2.0 BETA. It now has 2 new levels!

To play new missions, get DooM 95 or use this paramater at the DOS prompt.
chex.exe -cquest4

Chex Quest Screen Savers

Well! A special treat! This will be your early Christmas Present, eh? The original Chex Quest Screensaver! Mac and PC versions in one dload! Courticy of Mr. Mike Koenigs! Check out his site at!

Flemoid Virtual Pet

Well! A special Christmas treat for all of you! Dvader0086 has created a Flemoid Virtual Pet! He's allowed me to post it up on this site! Check it out!

Chex Quest Windows

Allright. Here's Chex Quest Windows. Please note, however, that this is a direct link to the file on MJJ's site, and is NOT, I repeat, NOT archived on this website. Don't worry, I've tested it. It's fun. Give it a try!

Since5's Chex Levels

Here it is! Our first fan-made level submission! Created by Since5! NOTICE! YOU WILL NEED DOOM LEGACY ENGINE TO USE THIS! THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH DOSDOOM, DOOM95, DOSCHEX, OR ANY OTHER DOOM PORT!!! That being said, enjoy!

The Original Chex Quest 2 Installer File

Here is the Chex Quest 2 original Installer File.