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Welcome to the Chex Quest Alliance!


Now the Mission really continues..........

Welcome to The Chex Quest Alliance! I'm Loremaster, of The DooM Rebellion Clan, and I'll be your webmaster. On this page I'll have news, custom maps, sounds, links, downloads, cheats, and other various Chex Quest related items.

5/17/05: Once again, sorry for the lack of updates. There's been a distinct lack of news in the community.HOWEVER, There's some news! A new member to the community, Since5, has created a series of 5 levels, and has graciously allowed me to host them here! Haven't played them personally, but I have it on good authority that they're very playable. YET, and I must stress this, they are in BETA form. There's not much "Eye Candy". But it's the first levels to be sent in, so I'm happy! Enjoy!
3/11/05: Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been busy. School has kept me busy since my last update. No new levels, but there's some info on new projects, and updates to old ones. Also, it has been discovered that not only did the makers of Chex Quest 3 steal graphics from various DooM modificationsand music from other sources, but they also stole the levels from a series of Megawads. Chex Quest 3 is no longer CQ Canon, and is to be ignored. Keep on Truckin'!
6/19/04: Hey! Bet you didn't think I'd ever update this thing again, did you? Well, finally got around to it. No new level yet, but Chex Quest Central is finally up. Check it out on the links page. And yea, I know the music is messed up. But hey, it's a bit of a change, neh? I should have a new level out soon, I hope..... Also, I've deleted entries for several canceled projects. Return of the Chex Warrior 3D and Chex Quest 2D are both canceled
1/19/04: Greetings!!!! Some new news of late. For all of you who wanted CQ on the ZDOOM engine, your prayers have been answered! Brendan of MJJ Software has taken the original CQ and used the ZDOOM program to created a new CQ! The levels are currently the same, but who knows what the furure will hold? Also, I've heard that many people have been having some troubles getting TUCQ to run right. I've decided to compile a FAQ for y'all. E-mail me those questions, or ask them on the Chex Quest Forums at Richie's site [in the links section...]. AND SEND IN SOME CQ LEVELS!!!
1/16/04: Happy New Year!!! A little late!!! Sad news, Froghawk has canceled his Chex Quest 2D project, but has released what he has made. Get it on his website. Some good news though. Boingo's The Ultimate Chex Quest project will benefit from new improovements in the DooM Legacy engine, namely the added support for Heretic. This means more Zorchers and Flemoids to battle against! Also, he has new screenies up on his site, so go check it out!
12/21/03: Well, your Christmas present is here! Dvader0086 has created a Chex Quest fangame! Check it out on the New Missions page! And for you shy DooM level makers that like CQ, send in some levels!!!
12/19/03: Well, Christmas is on it's way. Not much to say, 'cept that there's a new fangame comin out, called "Flemoid Uprising". It's going to be a top-down stealth game, similar to the Tom Clancy series of games. More info in the History section. AND SEND IN SOME LEVELS!!!!!!
11/10/03: Wow! A special Treat! The Original Chex Quest Screensavers! Mac and PC Versions in ONE download! Check 'em out!
11/6/03: Yea ha! A new release of CQEV2.0! E1M7 is now included. Now I'm workin on E1M9! Also, there is a new CQ project out, called Return to Bazoik: The mission continues to continue.... Read all about it in History, and check out the link! And I haven't gotten any levels yet. Send some in!
10/27/03: Important announcement! I have recieved word that there was a Chex Quest 2 movie released over the internet from when the game came out. I am requesting that anyone who has it send it in immediatly! This important historical document must be preserved and spread!
10/23/03: WoHo! I've planned out Missions 7 and 9 for Extended 2.0! I'm workin on gettin the levels into the wad now. Expect a new release early next month! And Send In Those Levels!
10/15/03: I've moved the site here due to space constraints. Originally I was sharing an account with my DooM Clan, but now I've moved this site here! Send me those levels!


The Chexwarrior!

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips.