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Chex Quest 1-Mission 1

The Complete Walkthrough


This is a complete map showing enemies, items, scenery, and secrets. Red lines are walls, yellow lines are doors [usually].

You begin next to your ship, with only a small zorcher, a bootspoon, and your wits. In that first area are a few cans of slime repellent and some batteries for you small zorcher. There are three doors. You will want to first open the big, red one. Inside there are two Commoni [henceforth known as commons] and a battery. Zorch the commons and grab the battery. Then go to the grey door that is sticking out from the walls. Open that, and zorch the single common inside. There is a blue key in that room, and a secret door. Open the wall with the lights in that room, then go down the hallway that was behind that wall. There will be a single common, and a rapid zorcher.

Go to the final door in that first area, and open it. Inside will be a room with a podium, two commons, and a couple of hallways. Items include glasses of water, fruit, and slime repellent. Zorch the commons, grab the water and repellent, then go down the stairs towards the window at the end of the large hallway. A common and biped will attack, so be ready. After you defeat them, there will be a red door, and a hallway. That hallway has two ways to go. You can go down, or up. If you go up, you will face a pair of bipeds and a few commons. If you go down, you'll face a small group of commons. Make sure to check all the red hangar doors either way. On the lower side, in one of the red hangar doors, there is a wall that looks like it has a dial on it. Open it, and you'll find some veggies for health. Afterwards, go through the blue door. If you approach from the bottom, there will be a corridor with stairs going up, with another blue door at the top. Once you open this, a single common will attack. Zorch him, then grab the goodies in the room. Don't forget the red key!

Now that you've got the red key, go through the other blue door, and zorch the common inside. Exit back out onto the upper landing platform, and head back to the red door. Open it, and go through. Be wary, there are four commons and a cyclops at the end. Once you defeat them, don't exit. Look at the pictures carefully. One has been slimed. Open it, and grab the Chex Armor inside. Now you can exit.

Now go on to Mission 2! Good luck, Chexwarrior!